CelFi Go G31 Telstra Building Repeater Kit RFI 6.5dBi Whip Donor and 2x Ceiling Server Antennas





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This TELSTRA Cel-Fi home or business kit is completely Plug N Play which makes it extremely simple to install. Perfect for small to medium 2 storey homes or businesses with office space large enough to warrant 2 internal ceiling mount booster antennas. This kit has an RFI 6.5dBi collinear whip style antenna that can be mounted onto a pole or antenna bracket, bracket sold separately and available here on our site. This antenna is suitable where there is a signal of 1 bar or more of the cellular band required to be boosted in the location where the antenna is to be mounted. Kit contents: 1x Cel-Fi GO G31 set to Telstra and boosting bands 3, 5 & 28 1x RFI Collinear 6.5dBi whip style external antenna with 10m RF cable and SMA connector 2x RFI white internal ceiling antennas with N Type connector 1x 2 Way cellular splitter with N Type connectors 1x 0.5m RF cable with N Type and SMA connector to join the Cel-Fi to the splitter 1x 5m RF cable with N Type connectors to join ceiling antenna #1 to the splitter 1x 10m RF cable with N Type connectors to join ceiling antenna #2 to the splitter  

Donor & Server Antennas

What do these terms mean?

If you are wondering what a Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is or a what a Donor antenna or Server antenna are, you have come to the right place.

We explain in simple terms what a DAS, Donor Antenna and a Server Antenna are when used in a Cellular System.

What is a mobile phone DAS?

DAS is the acronym for Distributed Antenna System.

A DAS is an independent antenna system that can have one or many more antennas to boost and receive signals from devices out in the field. A Distributed Antenna System is connected to a booster or repeater to strengthen the signals and traditionally was an in-building solution but can be used in many more applications such as vehicles, transport, sports fields and remote areas that need antennas closer to the users devices to utilise the stronger signals generated from the booster or repeater.

What is a Cellular Donor Antenna?

A Donor antenna is the antenna that communicates between the booster/repeater and the cellular tower such as the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone cell towers.

These are bi directional antennas as they receive the signals from the towers and they also broadcast the signals to the towers.

What is a Cellular Server Antenna?

A server antenna is the antenna that communicates between the booster/repeater and the mobile phone.

These are also a bi directional antenna as they broadcast the signals from the booster/repeater to the users mobile phones and they also receive the signals from the mobile phones and send the signals back to the booster/repeater.


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Bundled BrandCel-Fi
Product Dimensions255mm(W) x 87mm(D) x 28mm(H)
Product Weight600 grams
Temperature Range0° to 65°C
Input Voltage9.6 to 28.8 VDC
Power15W Max
CaseOne piece extruded Aluminium
Cellular CarrierTelstra
RF Gain100dB set to Stationary Mode
RF ConnectorsSMA (female) RF In / RF Out
0% of 100
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