Cel-Fi GO G31 Telstra Mobile Phone Repeater Kit BYO Donor Antenna


Quick Overview

Boost your mobile phone signal in your car, caravan, truck, boat or machinery with this Cel-Fi Go mobile phone repeater which comes in a complete plug and play kit ready to just plug in and power up. Extremely simple installation with no soldering and no joining of cables.

The kit comes complete with the Cel-Fi Go, DC power cable with a cigarette lighter adapter that can be cut off and hardwired if you desire, a server antenna which is the antenna that communicates with your phones and is a very small and unobtrusive RFI in-car patch antenna that has double sided tape on one side for ease of mounting and the donor antenna which is an RFI antenna that communicates with the cell towers as listed below.

The mobile phone repeater in this kit is a Telstra Cel-Fi Go G31 and includes a power cable and server/internal antenna. You will need to supply your own donor/external antenna, otherwise we have many kits available with donor antennas included.

Read the DETAILS tab below if you are unsure about which antenna to choose for your repeater or to learn a bit about what they do and how to set them up.


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