Magento 2.4.6+ to Zoho Inventory Synchronisation Module by Viewlogix Monthly Subscription

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Quick Overview

Zoho Inventory to Magento Synchronisation module is designed to keep your Magento shop front up to date with pricing, descriptions, image and changes made in Zoho.

Manual entry is a thing of the past with the Viewlogix Zoho Inventory module for Magento 2.4+.

Setup the items you want synchronised with a simple custom field in Zoho and then the Zoho Inventory Magento module will pull all the data across and either create the missing products or synchronise existing products.

Synchronise with frequency options of once daily up to every hour for larger business requiring constant updates.

Built-in Zoho authentication makes sure your data is safely handled only allowing the system to authenticate once you have setup the app through the Zoho API Console.

Custom attributes are easily synchronised too, just setup a Zoho Inventory custom field with the required data, map it through with the Zoho Inventory Magento module and Shazam, the data will be synchronised.

If you have Zoho Inventory and a Magento website, then this module is for you and will save you many tedious hours of hard work and frustration by never missing an update to a products data.

Create or modify the Item in Zoho and forget about it, it's that easy.

This is a subscription based service with Monthly, 6 Monthly and Yearly subscription options. Contact us for more info.


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