Our name Tin Can Solutions was created with the meaning of two Tin Cans joined by a piece of string historically used for communicating with each other.

This is where we come in, by bringing our clients systems into the future by offering technologically advanced Solutions.

The business has evolved into one that assists our clients with advancing technology in the communications sector.


Our products and services relate to the communications and electrical industries such as Cellular Repeaters and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Mobile Phone Boosters, Optical Fibre Backbones, Structured Data & Wireless Networks, Two Way Radio Communication Systems and dedicated power supply systems.

Tin Can Solutions is a fully licenced and insured QLD Electrical Contractor with licence number 81239, and our technicians are all ACMA certified with the correct endorsements for the projects we cover.

The combination of product supply at the right price, licenced electricians and certified ACMA cabling technicians allows us to professionally bring our clients projects together at an industry acceptable price.


Tin Can Solutions merged a couple of diverse businesses in 2021 which are Baytech Electrical & Data and Holster Shop.

In 2021, Baytech Electrical & Data has over 18 years of experience and specialises in the installation and maintenance of electrically controlled automated systems utilising high speed data networks that communicate through fibre optic cabling, structured copper cabling, commercial wireless networks and remote broadband modems where carriers are not accessible by cabling.

Holster Shop being a very different business supplying Two Way Radios and holsters to clientelle varying from Emergency Services to Stockmen to large scale Shipping industries throughout the world.


Tin Can Solutions is proud to have developed the trademarked brands Two Ants® and Viewlogix®.

Two Ants® gear is based on the carrying of equipment and started in the Two Way Radio sector with their designs being the clear leader in the global market.

Viewlogix® products are electrically controlled products that are custom designed for our clients and have ranged from UHF controlled solar lighting systems incorporating micro repeaters for Litchfield National Park pathway lighting to custom designed SMS controllers for VIC Rail, programmed in Python programming language, controlled by text messages from the clients phones, utilised for sensing battery levels and switching of platform lighting in remote locations.


Tin Can Solutions are proud dealers in Capalaba Brisbane QLD for:

  • Two Ants® Gear
  • Cel-Fi Cellular Solutions
  • RF Industries (RFI)
  • Icom Australia
  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • Simoco


Continually delivering value for money with innovative solutions and a professional service based on integrity, respect and superior industry knowledge


Tin Can Solutions will continue to be the leading name within our industries by remaining professional, efficient and technologically advanced at all times


At Tin Can Solutions our values reflect and influence how we do business

  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We ensure professionalism at all times
  • We maintain integrity in everything we do
  • We strive to better ourselves and the business
  • We sustain a safe working environment
  • We empower our team to make the right decisions
  • We align our actions with our Mission and Vision
  • And we make sure to enjoy what we do


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