Mobile Coverage Solutions

Mobile Coverage Solutions

Tin Can Solutions specialise in the installation of Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and In Building Coverage Solutions (IBC) to distribute cellular mobile phone signals throughout customers premises.

We are experienced and certified to install mobile phone repeaters to legally distribute Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile phone signals and boost their signal strength to a usable and acceptable level while always complying with Australian laws and regulations by only using ACMA certified cellular equipment coupled with quality proven antennas and components to make sure the installation always works at optimal performance.

Cel-Fi Certified Installers

Tin Can Solutions are Nextivity Accredited Cel-Fi Certified Enterprise Installers and Certified Sales Prfessionals located in Capalaba Brisbane Australia, servicing sites near and far.

Cel-Fi Certified Installer Sales Professional Tin Can Solutions

With the accreditation of "Certified Enterprise Installers", you can rest assured that we are competent and have the necessary backup and support required from Nextivity Cel-Fi to complete cellular repeater DAS installations to a high standard.

This certification means that we have the training, knowledge and experience to design and install enterprise cellular mobile phone repeater solutions using the Cel-Fi line of product offerings.

It also means we have the backing of Nextivity Cel-Fi in the scope, design and implementation of our cellular solutions especially in large corporate enterprise solutions where design can be tricky requiring that on-hand support directly from the manufacturers.


Tin Can Solutions install mobile phone repeaters with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) into facilities that lack mobile phone coverage.

As long as there is a sniff of mobile phone service, we can install highly sensitive cellular antennas to collect the slightest of signal and amplify it throughout the spaces that lack the signal strength. The systems are bi-directional so while they are boosting the signal strength to the mobile phones, the distributed antenna system also collects weak signals from the mobile phones and boosts that signal to enable a strong signal back to the mobile phone providers phone towers.

With our selection of the correct mobile phone repeater/s and placement of antennas within the system, we can successfully create small cells of mobile phone coverage to enable our clients clear voice communication and increased internet speeds.

Where We Install

Office Spaces

Commercial Buildings

Aged Care Facilities

Industrial Sheds

Construction Sites

Factories and Warehouses

Mine Sites

Mine Camps

Rural and Remote Homesteads

Large Scale Domestic Dwellings

and many more places...

We also have a large presence with customers in outback Australia such as rural stations, remote business operations, mine camps and the like where mobile phone signal strength is extremely low and we need to design the system to sniff whatever signal is possible and boost that signal into usable signal strength and increased throughput for multiple users.

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Get in touch with our supportive team to discuss your poor mobile phone signal situation and see if we can assist in creating an environment where mobile phone connectivity issues is a thing of the past.


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