Structured Data Networks

Structured data networks are a critical piece of infrastructure in any corporate business and are fast becoming a part of life within small business and at home.

Data networking comes in many forms and many different strategies exist to deploy a reliable solution.

Tin Can Solutions have worked in the communications industry for over 20 years and know what it takes to implement a reliable and cost effective solution, and most importantly know how important it is for business to have their staff reliably connected to the internet at all times.


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A lot of people think that data cabling can just be thrown in and she'll be right. 

There is a lot more to data network cabling than just laying cables and having it work properly. 

For instance, installations that have data cables and power cables installed close together for one do not comply with Australian Standards, but also the interference from the power cables inducing voltages into the data cables causes networks to look like they are performing slowly and always dropping out. That's because your equipment is trying to decipher different voltages and signals which causes the equipment to miss data packets and request the other end to resend the same data over and over and over which causes massive lag in network speeds and clogs up the data networks with constant retries. We see this over and over and even in new installations where the installers are doing the job as quickly as possible, they over look the actual requirements to maintain segregation. It normally tests fine when they commission the job as there is hardly any power running through the power cables at the time of construction, but once staff start to fill the areas and equipment such as air conditioners and machinery start running and drawing large loads through the power cables, the gremlins start to come out causing IT departments constant headaches and business owners questioning the speed of their internet connections.

Tin Can Solutions staff are well versed with these issues and you can rest assured that any data network installed by us will work as expected and comply with all Australian Standards and regulations in force at the time of installation.


Cabling installers at Tin Can Solutions are competent and endorsed in the areas of expertise required by law and hold the relevent certificates that apply to the cabling works being performed.

Areas of Expertise

Tin Can Solutions carry out design, installation, testing and repairs to:

Optical Fibre Cabling and Terminations

Structured Data Copper Networks

Wireless Access Points

Wireless Point to point and multi-point Bridges

Data racks and networking equipment

Industrial automation networks

Where we install

Commercial buildings

Corporate business

Industrial factories


Retail environments

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