Electrical Services

With over 30 years experience in the Electrical, Industrial Automation and Connectivity fields, our Electrical Services compliment our Communications Services to allow us to carry out complete project works for our clients in commercial and industrial environments.


Please note, we do NOT pursue general electrical work in the domestic household market.



Originating in high tech industrial and commercial electrical automation and process control systems, some of which are in remote areas requiring that they be online for control and monitoring purposes at anytime of the day or night, Tin Can Solutions are well versed at acquiring communications signals and maintaining connections for equipment and users alike. 

Our director has been involved with high speed industrial automation since his electrical apprenticeship in 1992, and since then he has been involved in making applications communicate with each other involving internal programming of mobile LTE routers with high level programming languages such as Python, Hayes AT Commands, MQTT and web based scripting languages such as PHP, Javascript and more.

Making equipment communicate with each other involves many forms of converting data signals between devices and communicating the data and control signals over cellular LTE carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone dependent on the customers carrier preferences and the availability of the carriers signals in the area.

With this extensive background in communications systems, we have learnt a lot over the many years in the industry and most importantly, what works and what doesn't.

Fully Licenced and Insured

You can rest assured that Tin Can Solutions are licenced, insured and competent to carry out your works.

Tin Can Solutions Pty Ltd is a QLD licenced electrical contractor with licence number 81239.

Our Public Liability insurance certificate can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF image below.

Public Liability Insurance


If you require any other licences or certificates for work at your site, please contact us.


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