RFI 5G XPOL TS9 Directional MIMO Antenna Kit Right Angle Connectors

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This kit includes an RFI Directional MIMO XPOL antenna that comes with 2* 10m cables pre-fitted and SMA male connectors on the ends of the cables, also supplied with 2* 15cm patch leads with SMA female to TS9 male RIGHT ANGLE connectors for connecting the antenna cables to a Netgear Nighthawk or similar cellular router with TS9 sockets.

With this antenna kit hooked up to your router you should be able to noticeably increase your data speeds and actually get service in those poor phone signal areas.

This antenna can be clamped onto a mast on a building, site shed, mine site or on a temporary mast when travelling.

The RFI XPOL is perfect for travellers heading into areas with low levels of phone service, or homes and offices that have phone service outside but as soon as you step inside the signal disappears.


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RFI 5G XPOL TS9 Directional MIMO Antenna Kit Right Angle Connectors

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    The RFI LTE-XPOL-002-5G is a directional antenna suitable for frequencies from 698MHz to 3800MHz which covers 5G, 4G and 3G in MIMO X Polarisation configuration for super fast internet and mobile connections. Use with your Nighthawk modem router for superior connectivity.

    Want super fast internet?

    This is the antenna to hook up to your Telstra WiFi Pro, Netgear Nighthawk or other LTE 4G 5G mobile router and will deliver you with speeds to pretty much do what you want on the internet. The antenna has a MIMO setup which is 2 antennas that are cross polarised at  45°, 90° from each other to match the cell towers polarisation and works by nearly doubling the throughput out of the one physical unit. 

    The RFI LTE-XPOL-002-5G comes with 2x 10m cables that have SMA Male plugs on the ends and this kit includes 2 15cm patch leads that connect onto the ends of the antenna cables with SMA Female connectors and plug straight into the antenna port on your modem router.

    Modem Antenna Ports:

    *** Check your router specifications to confirm what your antenna ports actually are before ordering as manufacturers like to change things around from time to time ***

    The LTE-XPOL-002-5G antenna includes the newer 3400 - 3800 MHz bands, which were not previously covered by the RFI V2 model of this antenna and is suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G. This antenna performs exceptionally well in the following frequency bands: 698 – 960MHz, 1700 – 2170MHz, 2300 – 2700MHz & 3400 – 3800MHz. In addition to the new bands, the gain in the 1700MHz and 2.7GHz is around 3dB higher than the “V2” over the same frequency bands! The weatherproof housing is designed for mast or wall mounting and is supplied with 2 x 10 metres of low loss RG58 cable terminated with SMA male connectors. 

    Antenna Features: 

    • 2-3dB higher gain over all the bands compared to “V2” of this antenna
    • New 3400MHz-3800MHz, 5G band with 11dBi gain 
    • Consistent broadband performance 
    • X-Polarised 2x2 MIMO antenna 
    • Wall or pole mountable 
    • Lightweight & rugged 
    • Weatherproof & waterproof (IP65) 
    • High pattern consistency across bands for 4G/5G carrier aggregation
    More Information
    Bundled BrandRF Industries (RFI)
    Antenna Frequency698 - 960 / 1710 - 2700 / 3400 - 3800 MHz
    Antenna Gain9 / 10 / 11 dBi
    Antenna Length255 x 255 x 80mm
    Removable WhipN/A
    StrengthStandard Duty
    Mounting1x S/S Pole Mount U-Bolt M6 x 60mm
    Cable Length10m
    Cable TypeHDF195
    ConnectorSMA (Male)
    Antenna Material / ConstructionUV Stable ABS Radome
    Antenna Power10W
    Patch Cable Length15cm
    Patch Connector 1SMA (Female)
    Patch Connector 2TS9 (Male)
    RFI LTE-XPOL-002-5G Specifications
    RFI LTE-XPOL-002-5G Installation Guide


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