Retro Fit Customers Cel-fi G31 into Tin Can Solutions Portable Mini Weather Resistant Case



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We retrofit your existing Cel-Fi GO G31 into a truly portable unit that is tidy and super easy to use.

Tin Can Solutions have professionally put together a weather resistant case to hold the Cel-Fi GO G31 mobile phone repeater so you can take it between your vehicles, boats, trucks, tractors, homes and buildings. All you need is a donor antenna on each vehicle/building you wish to use the repeater on, or take the same antenna in a mobile style setup.

The PMI case comes with the following:

  • 12V DC Power cable with cigarette lighter adapter for plugging into your 12 volt power outlet.
  • Weatherproof power connector and socket.
  • RFI T5 patch server antenna neatly mounted inside the case.
  • SMA connector with weather resistant brass cap for connecting your donor antenna.
  • Patch lead that connects your donor antenna to the Cel-Fi.
  • Informative industrial quality printed label with QR codes to download the Cel-Fi WAVE and MyWAVE apps, status indicator viewing hole with description of each status.
  • 316 stainless steel fixings.

To use the portable phone repeater in your home, we recommend you purchase the 240V AC power supply cable so you can just plug it into your household powerpoints. These simply connect to the blue power socket on the end of the case.

How do you go about getting one of these you ask!

All you need to do is send us your Cel-Fi GO G31 in good working order, take note of your serial number which is on the label underneath and enter this number in the notes at checkout so we know which unit is yours when it turns up.

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