Cel-Fi GO G51 5G Dual Band Cellular Mobile Phone Repeater for Telstra Optus or Vodafone G51-LE-003

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The one and only 5G cellular repeater approved in Australia by all 3 carriers Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

The Cel-Fi G51 is a more powerful unit than it's predecessors with up to 27dBm of power where the G41 is limited to 20dBm and the and G31 at 16dBm.

The Cel-Fi G51 boasts it can repeat up to 570Mbps download speeds with the right setup and antenna configuration.

Why just have an LTE router that only gives you Wi-Fi when you can have real connectivity for voice calls and data through your standard phone or SIM enabled device.

There are no fees with the Cel-Fi GO G51. Just register it in your name when you first turn it on, then use it free of charge allowing your phone or SIM enabled device to handle the standard fees you are already billed. That's right, there are absolutely no fees to use the Cel-Fi GO G51 as it is a cellular repeater which repeats the existing available signal and boosts it up to 100dB allowing improved cellular coverage in areas where there is limited or no coverage.


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